BNSI brief


  • Crypto BNSI are a NFT token that you grow on the ethereum network.
  • The network monitors its when the plant must be watered before being sent to a burn address Watering a BNSI is a transaction to be confirmed bi weekly.
  • The BNSI ages every 3 months by epoch. Different epoch levels display growth in your BNSI.


  • Scheduled every two weeks, owners can water late if missed the first 36 hours of watering zone.
  • BNSI owners must fertilize within 24 hours of missing the late watering to save it.
  • Late watering penalty adds on to your dryness level.
  • Plants are burned if dryness is level 3.


  • Owners can assign a caretaker by ETH address to monitor your BNSI
  • The BNSI can also be placed into vacation state to extend required watering for two months.
  • Using fertilizer brings your dryness level to 0 or saves your BNSI after missing a late watering.
  • BNSI owners can add a name to their plant.
  • BNSI tokens can mint fresh a fresh NFT for every epoch it survives.
  • After all the first release tokens are minted the Nursery will open for resale.